Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Selling Kambang to live

Masli and Idah, waiting for buyers who purchase Kambang they are selling in front of Muslim graves.

Banjar society that is religious culture and tradition still holds tightly, bringing wisdom and favor its own provision for the sellers Kambang (flower series for the pilgrimage), because the habit of always carrying pilgrims Kambang to put on the tomb he visited the land provision adds to family income.

Darjah Lifting, Reaching Tuah

Banjar dance to welcome guests from various royal and noble invitation when the Banjar imperial milad

Who ever thought that has abolished the Sultanate Banjar by the Dutch about 150 years ago, now and again burst into an endless phenomenon discussed by urang Banjar and Indonesia.Bold and historic step Maangkat Batang Tarandam Banjar culture for the glory that once large and recognized by the world is done by a man who was born on January 5, 1964 or the 19th of Sha'ban 1383 H was named Gusti Khairul Saleh, son of love of Gusti Jumri and Kartinah.Not felt, 10 December, Prince H Khairul Saleh, who holds the Viceroy Banjar, exactly one year to occupy a large mandate as Viceroy of the Sultanate of Banjar.

Chairman LAKKB Regency / City Given a Duke degree

Performances of Banjar traditional dance at the event milad Sultanate Banjar

Milad event to a peak 507 Sultanate of Banjar held on December 10, 2011 ago at Banjar Regency House Dekranasda a historic moment for dozens of people who have a degree of grace and majesty of the Sultanate of Banjar.

Looking Tosan Aji Banjar Regency

HM Aidil Basith, showing a collection of keris and other objects tosan aji his hundreds of years old

Collecting for Cultural Preservation

Traditional weapons made of steel, iron and even of many stones scattered in the archipelago, but one that is equalized, the traditional weapon of artificial archipelago is famous for its level of artistic and cultural content is very high.

Rabu, 28 Desember 2011

Maintaining Cultural Traditions

Manufacture of pulp material dispensing asy'ura

On 10 Muharram Banjar society especially for the Kampung Melayu is a special day that they continue to celebrate each year of hundreds of years ago when the religion of Islam into the ground this Mangkurat Stomach.The 10th of Muharram is often also referred to as the day of Ashura. It's hereditary Malay tradition until this date when the night they make mush of Ashura. No exception to the Kampung Melayu sub submissive East Martapura continue to keep the nobleness of this ancestral cultural traditions.

German Collector Buy Banjar Keris

Soultan Banjar Prince H Khairul Saleh seing keris Banjar

Hundreds of keris from various regions in Indonesia exhibited in a series of milad Sultanate of Banjar to 507 in the building Dekranasda Martapura, Banjar regency began on 6 to 10 december 2011.Some keris collectors of the various kingdoms or sultanates throughout Indonesia including Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Jakarta, Martapura, Banjarbaru and collectors from other areas. Not only featuring kris kris-usual, the collectors also show the results kris dagger collection of hundreds of years old.

Khatam Al-Quran In 3 Minutes

2011 students Kindergarten / TPA seal implement Quran Quran for 3 minutes
On December 8, then the people watching the final Banjar Quran in bulk, not half-hearted final event of the Qur'an is a series of Milad Sultanate of Banjar to 507 included 2011 participants and carried out in the garden of Good Earth Light (CBS) Martapura.